Feb 1, 2024

Wealth Leads February 2024 Newsletter

Wealth Leads February 2024 Newsletter

Welcome back to the Wealth Leads Newsletter, where we share sales hacks and best practices, along with key updates from the Wealth Leads team.

Our goal: make this your most valuable newsletter of the month for you. Let’s dive in 🚀

What we have on deck for you:

  • These are the top 5 sales outreach templates for 2024. 🖐️
  • We’re doing it. We have a YouTube Channel. ▶️
  • Google and Yahoo’s new sending requirement. Be ready! 🔒
  • Here to help you grow. 📈

The 5 Sales Outreach Templates You Need To Know

We spent 30 days working to identify the top performing sales outreach templates for 2024.

Take them. Use them. Make them yours!

Download the free 30+ page guide now.

We're (NOT) YouTube Famous

We’re excited and embarrassed all at the same time. Ben is making YouTube videos trying to help businesses beat their sales goals with proven best practices and sales hacks.

Make sure to check out the channel and hit that subscribe button! Make sure to make fun of Ben’s thumbnails in the comment section as well 🤣

Google and Yahoo have new sending requirements! Are you ready?

We’ve got some news hot off the press about changes in how Google and Yahoo want you to send those emails.

So, here's the lowdown on what you need to do as the sender.

As of February 2024, Google and Yahoo are tightening the screws on bulk senders (those pumping out 5000+ emails a day to Gmail accounts).

They want authentication, easy opt-outs, and no spammy business.

They've laid down two sets of rules – one for the big guns (those hitting 5,000+ messages a day to gmail.com or Yahoo/AOL addresses) and one for regular folks sending to gmail.com or yahoo.com/aol.com.

Here are the three important things you need to know:

👉 Authenticate Email: All senders must ensure SPF and DKIM authentication for their domain. Bulk senders need both, along with DMARC.

👉 Enable Easy Unsubscribe: Provide a one-click unsubscribe option through a list-unsubscribe header and include a visible unsubscribe link in your email.

👉 Spam Rate Compliance: Google's not cool if you're above 0.1% (never hit 0.3%), and Yahoo wants you under 0.3%.

Get those emails in check, or the internet police might knock on your virtual door. You've been warned! 🚨

Here to help you grow!

  • Falling behind on your sales targets? 😰
  • Trying to find the best way to build a pipeline with a limited budget? 😕
  • Can’t find the right sales talent? 😤
  • Team doesn’t have bandwidth for outreach? 🙄
  • Can’t get tickets to the Super Bowl for less than $6,700? 🏈

We’re here to help with all of it (well, maybe not the last one). Our lives are prospecting, outreach and sales. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying meeting with a large variety of companies over the last month to understand their growth goals and provide guidance and support.

Wealth Leads member or non member, we’re always happy to connect with you to share ideas and support. Reach out to us here to schedule a call anytime!

That’s all for this month folks! We hope you all had a wonderful start to the 2024 sales season. We can’t wait to see how you all grow this February. See you next month.

Looking to learn more about how Wealth Leads can support your growth goals? Visit our website here or feel free to book time on our calendar here.

Happy growing,
The Wealth Leads Team